Braca makes 3 carbon handles for Stand Up and Dragon paddles.  Each handle is ergonomically designed for a different effect.  All handles are hot-glued so it is really simple to glue in a replacement.  Update one style to another to test out your preference.  Dragon paddles are available in Standard or Slim Extra Light and your choice of handle.  SUP paddles are also available in a Maui Racing Version and a Kahana all Around version, again with any of the three handles.

T Curved

T Curved Ergo


The T Curved, is a classic T shape with rounded edges and shape.  The base is slightly more narrow than the paddle shaft creating a comfort fit for a wide range of hand sizes.

The T Curved Ergonomic has slight indents where fingers land, creating a strong grip.  The base is not as narrow as other handles.

The Oval shape is perfectly shaped for a palm grip, allowing for great comfort and high energy transfer.

Carbon Handles Dragon, SUP