• Physiology
    Specifically designed for young, developing athletes.  The mechanics of the paddles are specifically designed to fit children’s physiology. Children’s paddles and shafts are a 60% carbon blend so you get more flex in the blade and shaft which protects young joints.  It enables absorption of impact from each paddle stroke, therefore reducing shock on the shoulders, elbows and wrists, ultimately decreasing common paddling injuries.
  • Design and Quality
    Braca youth-sized paddles are a scaled-down version of the original adult designs. You get an amazing Braca paddle design in a configuration for young paddlers.  In some configurations the shafts are a slightly smaller diameter than the standard shafts.  Braca-sport represents quality and the youth paddles carry on the high-quality tradition.
  • Room to Grow
    We can swap out blades and shafts as athletes grow or should damage occur to a paddle.  The youth paddles may also use a high-quality plastic connector system to ease maintenance requirements (metal connectors need to be rinsed after use). Braca paddles are unique in their flexibility for re-configuration due to Braca-sport’s product design.  FastPaddler offers customer service to ensure that young paddlers will always have their ideal paddle.

Youth Sprint Paddles, ICF Canoe and Kayak


Canoe Sprint Uni Super Fat


New smaller sizes of this widely used paddle – 19,18 48cm  and 20,19 48cm

Braca Canoe Uni Super Fat is the line of Braca canoe sprint paddles designed and engineered to enable a quick, powerful and very smooth catch. This design facilitates the application of all power at the beginning of the stroke and an effortless exit while preventing stress to the hand and wrist by absorbing the entrance shock, therefore making the catch extremely smooth and efficient.

Now available for purchase online!


Braca Canoe Children is an exact copy of the Braca Canoe Uni 2000 with proportionally smaller blade size. The proprietary material characteristics and mechanics of the paddle are specifically designed to fit children’s physiology.

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Braca IV Carbon 60


This is a popular club team option!  A Braca IV, one of the most popular sprint paddles (along with the XI Van Dusen) in the United States, in a 60% carbon version with smaller size blade options.

The Braca IV Carbon 60 is another great choice for younger athletes. The 60% Braca IV carbon paddles provide a lower cost paddle combined with slightly more flex, a great combo for young growing athletes.  Available in 610, 635, 670, 705 these are paired with the standard selection of shafts.  The paddles are designed to facilitate application of power in the catch and the middle of a stroke, enabling obtaining the “ultimate” forward stroke.

Now available for purchase online!

Braca Childrens Paddle is a scaled version of adult paddles specially designed for childrens size


This is one of the most popular sprint paddles for youth in the United States so we keep inventory for rapid shipment.

This youth-sized version of the Braca I and IV is manufactured with a carbon, fiberglass combination resulting in a paddle with more flex. These softer mechanics allow for less stress on young joints and muscles, reducing common kayaking injuries.  Blades are available in 610 and 635 with a youth shaft that has a diameter slightly smaller than standard sized shafts, all with a durable plastic connector.  If looking for a larger childrens paddles check out the Braca IV Carbon 60 options.

Now available for purchase online!


The Braca Junior is an extreme tear-drop design based on the Braca VI, VII.  This design facilitates a very powerful catch and maximizes the working blade area when it is only partially submerged in the water, especially at the beginning and the end of a stroke. Due to the special shape, it tends to feel larger than a comparable tear-drop paddle.

This paddle is not used often in the US.  Contact us to special order, info@FastPaddler.com

Braca Kids Paddle


The Braca Kid paddle is a  parallel edge design based on the  Braca III and Braca V.  This is a less aggressive catch then the tear-drop designs.

This paddle is not used often in the US.  Contact us to special order, info@FastPaddler.com