Announcing New Braca IV 750 Paddle, In Stock Now.

Braca has added a new blade size to the popular Braca IV. The 750 fills the gap between 735 and 765. Available in three constructions: Regular, Marathon, and Extra Light – All in stock!

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Braca IV Blade Sizes and Construction

Slide table

Braca IV SizesSurface Area
Blade Construction
StandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftCarbon 60Down River
610610/94.54514.4StandardSoftCarbon 60
635635/98.445.315.1StandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftCarbon 60Down River
670670/103.947.515.2StandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftCarbon 60
705705/109.24915.8StandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftCarbon 60Down River
720720/111.649.316StandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoft
735735/113.949.516.3StandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftCarbon 60Down River
750750/116.349.816.5StandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftCarbon 60
765765/118.65016.8StandardExtra LightMarathonSurfskiSoftCarbon 60Down River

Dark solid colors are in stock and will be expertly assembled and shipped and arrive within days.
Light Italics colors can be ordered for the next shipment.
If Braca makes it you can get it!

Braca IV Shaft Options

Designed and used for many conditions and athletes’ sizes, these blades can be paired with any shaft. All of these shafts are possible options for athletes depending on distance and conditions and athlete requirements. When you select a blade size and construction you will see shaft choices.

For the Braca IV 750 any of the stiffer shafts – 03K, 04K, 06K, 17K, or possibly 19K are great options. As a general rule, the larger blades are oriented to sprinting so a stiffer shaft is used.

  • For marathon, we recommend 19K shaft
  • Surfski blades are usually paired with 19K and 21K shafts but contact us for a different shaft option
  • 19K shafts are available with metal or a durable plastic connector ideal for saltwater
  • 21K is always a durable plastic locker and 21K shafts have a smaller diameter
  • 04K and 06K are most popular for sprint or those wanting stiffer performance

These are the Braca IV shaft options:

Model = Stiffness (mm of deflection)

02K = 2.6 (stiffest)
03K = 2.7, 2.8
04K = 2.9, 3.0
06K = 3.1, 3.2
17K = 3.3, 3.4
19K = 4.5   (metal locker)
19K = 4.5                        
21K = 5.4 28mm dia. 
21K = 6.2 28mm dia.    (softest) 

carbon shafts for braca kayak paddles, all stiffness and locker types, metal and plastic and memory lock option

Braca IV Shaft Length

When you order your paddle you need to enter a Custom Length and select Hand Control.

Length: You can use any 5cm or 10cm length depending on the shaft.  See the image above or more info.

How to enter the custom paddle length:

  • For 02K to 17K enter a 5cm range (ex: 207 – 212 cm)
  • For the 19K or 21K enter a 10 cm range (ex: 207 – 217 cm)

All Braca IV paddles are available with a two-piece adjustable shaft that provides 5 cm or 10 cm of adjustability. This allows flexible adjustment of the overall paddle length and blade angle from 0° to 80° right or left in 5° increments. The system also allows you to disassemble the paddle into two parts for easy transportation.

Hand Control: Select Right or Left

Hand control determines which way to orient the locker, left-handed or right-handed.

Not sure which paddle is right for you? Contact us! We welcome questions at