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Braca Canoe Paddle - Competitor's Favorite

Braca Canoe Uni Super Fat is engineered to enable power at the catch. This braca canoe paddle design enables an athlete to apply power at the beginning of a stroke, with a smooth and quick catch, that is both efficient and powerful. Uni Super Fat is one of the most popular shapes for canoe sprint paddles and is available in a range of sizes to accommodate our athletes. Braca canoe paddles are engineered for power and also for injury prevention, the smooth catch absorbs entrance shock and the effortless exit also helps prevent hand and wrist stress.

New Smaller Sizes - 19,18 48cm  and 20,19 48cm

Canoe Super Fat Diagram of Spline Paddle Dimension Guide for Uni Super Fat paddle


Select -  W1,W2   Blade Length - and then enter paddle length 5cm range