Dragon Slim Extra Light


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Lightweight  Dragon Paddle IDBF

Adjustable shaft and replaceable blades!

Braca Dragon Slim Extra Light is our new lightweight, 100% carbon fiber, dragon paddle. Braca produces exceptional high-quality products for Olympic and World athletes in all paddling sports. Braca-Sport Slim Dragon complies with IDBF Paddle Spec 202, licensed for all championship events and racing through IDBF Governing Standards. We offer fixed-length paddles or a paddle with an adjustable shaft length (2 inches/ 5 cm range). Three choices of ergonomically designed carbon handles.  Another Braca plus, hot-glued Braca blades, shafts, and handles can be replaced if needed.   Due to limited availability cases for paddle purchasers only  Dragon Paddle Case.

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Braca Dragon Certified IBDF Mark

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About Our Carbon Lightweight Dragon Paddles

All lightweight Braca Dragon paddles are available as a fixed length paddle or with a Plastic Type II Adjustable Shaft System. This allows elegant adjustment of overall paddle length (within a 2 inch/5 cm range). The adjustable system also allows you to disassemble the paddle for transportation.

Our lightweight dragon paddle, the Brača Dragon Slim Extra Light paddle complies with the IDBF Paddle Specification 202a and is licensed or approved for competition use under the IDBF Governing Bodies Standard Racing Paddle Approval Scheme.

Brača Dragon paddles are authorized for use in championship events, and all formal Sport Racing competitions, that is, those races held under the Competition Regulations and Racing Rules of the IDBF and its Members, and for any kind of informal competition, training, or general dragon boating.

Braca Dragon Certified IBDF Mark

Pick the right ergonomic handle for your paddle

Braca Dragon paddles have three ergonomically designed carbon handle options. The oval shape has a more traditional, smooth feel. The carbon T curved shapes give maximum control over the rotation of the blade during sharp turns, which also makes them a good choice for SUP and outrigger racing. Select the handle configuration you prefer with your Dragon Paddle order.

Carbon Handles for SUP Dragoncarbon handles for dragon paddles


Available Options and Technical Parameters:
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Carbon ContentTotal
Surface area
Brača Dragon Standardspecified by IDBF2.7-2.9100100360/12.7
New paddle modelBrača Dragon Slim Extra Lightspecified by IDBF2.7-2.9100100320/11.3

* Recommended stiffness.

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