BRAČA-SPORT® Dragon Paddles

BRACA-SPORT® Carbon Dragon Paddles

Brača Dragon Paddles are available in 2 models:  Standard and Slim Extra Light.  Both meet the IBDF regulations, with the “Slim Extra Light” having a slightly smaller diameter shaft (26mm vs 29.5mm for the Standard), and the “Slim Extra Light” is also slightly lighter by about 15 grams.

We stock both models, as well as fixed and adjustable shafts with 4 handle options.  We ship paddles expertly assembled with Braca industrial hot glue, facilitating easy part replacement if for any reason a blade, shaft or handle needs to be replaced.

IDBF Certified

BRACA-SPORT® Carbon Dragon Paddles are IDBF Certified for all competition

Brača Dragon paddles complies with the IDBF Paddle Specification 202a and is licensed or approved for competition use under the IDBF Governing Bodies Standard Racing Paddle Approval Scheme.

Brača Dragon paddles are authorized for use in championship events, and all formal Sport Racing competitions, that is, those races held under the Competition Regulations and Racing Rules of the IDBF and its Members, and for any kind of informal competition, training or general dragon boating.

BRACA-SPORT Dragon Paddle Handles, T curved, T curved Ergo, Carbon Oval, Wooden Oval.

Brača Dragon paddles can be ordered with 1 of 4 handle options.   All paddles are assembled with industrial hot glue, so if at a later time you wish to change your handle, no problem.  This can easily be done with a heat gun.

Dragon Braca Adjustable Carbon Shaft System

In addition to fixed lengths, all Brača Dragon paddles are available with a Plastic I type Adjustable Shaft System. This allows elegant adjustment of overall paddle length (within 5cm range).

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10+ paddles:       10%


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