Dragon Paddle Cover (priced with paddle)


Expandable Dragon Paddle Cover

Limited stock – available with Paddle Purchase Only

The Braca Dragon Paddle Cover is an expandable, universal case designed to protect your Braca Dragon Paddle from damage while storing and transporting.  The Braca Dragon Paddle Case is constructed from durable ripstop nylon, fully padded, and uses heavy-duty zip closures and velcro which means it is durable and stylish.  Our case has a detachable, expansion section which is adjustable from 78cm to 142cm (31 inches to 56 inches) and can be extended to fit your paddle exactly so no hanging ends.  It has a zipped storage pocket for items and handy loops for hanging on a hook.  The case is a brilliant, Braca Dandelion yellow on the front and basic black on the back.

The first image shows the blade section, a fully expanded case, and the velcro detachable handle section which fits right inside the blade bag section when not in use.


Universal Dragon Paddle Cover from Braca-Sport

Braĉa-Sport Universal Paddle Covers adapt to fit different blade sizes, shaft types (fixed and adjustable) and adjusts to accommodate different shaft lengths. The Braca Dragon Paddle Case is a stylish and durable model.  Braca makes cases for each paddle category that we sell.

To protect paddles from damage we offer covers made of special, highly durable fabrics, constructed with tear-resistant micro ripstop nylon and closed cell foam padding.

The covers are stitched with heavy-duty thread, reinforced ends and heavy-duty zippers.

Expandable Dragon Paddle Cover

Depending on inventory we may be able to sell cases individually but we reserve these exceptional cases for our paddle customers first.

Looking for a Kayak Paddle Case? Braca makes those also, one of the best cases on the market.

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