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Lightweight Kayak Pogies for Paddle Control and Cold Weather Protection

Brača-Sport Kayak Pogies are designed to allow direct contact with a paddle while kayaking.  The Standard Pogie is made from lightweight ballistic nylon with a velcro shaft flap.  The sleeve covers about 1/2 of the lower arm, running 9 inches from knuckles to opening. The sleeve is loose enough to wear gloves with pogies.
Brača-Sport Pogies provide water and wind protection for your hands while still allowing direct hand contact with your paddle.

Braca also makes a Low Profile Kayak Pogie with a shorter wrist-length sleeve for lighter coverage.

10 in stock


Lightweight Kayak Pogie Choices at FastPaddler

Two Choices of Coverage for Kayakers

Kayak Pogies are one of our in-stock inventory items, order early to be ready for cold weather!

Brača-Sport Kayak Pogies provide water and wind protection for your hands while still allowing direct hand contact with your paddle. Two models are available for kayak and one for canoe.

Marathoners love the Easy On-Off of the Low Profile Pogie for Portages

  • Kayak Standard – Lightweight ballistic nylon, longer pogie sleeve approx 1/2 way to elbow for more protection but still direct contact with the paddle
  • Kayak Low Profile – Lightweight ballistic nylon, shorter pogie wrist coverage for minimal time loss at the portages.  Marathoners appreciate how the low profile pogie stays puffed open to allow hands to slip in easily. For non-marathoners, these kayak pogies provide lightweight minimal coverage to keep hands warm and dry in cool temperatures.  It’s our most popular model for pogies in New England and Northwest for late Fall, Early Spring.
  • Canoe Sprint – Lightweight ballistic nylon, specially designed for canoe sprint (handle gripping hand and shaft hand)



 Comparing our Two Kayak Pogie Models

Both of our kayak pogies are the same lightweight, tough nylon material, the difference is the length of coverage.  The Low Profile Pogie is wrist length and short enough that it stays puffed open when you take a hand out, the Standard Kayak Pogie covers up to about mid-forearm so it’s a warmer experience.

Neither is designed for extreme cold, below 40F/4.8C, for that, we recommend neoprene pogies.


lightweight kayak pogies


Braca Kayak Pogie Lightweight for cool temps

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