Project Description


Nelo New Model – Best of Both Worlds – 560 Type Speed with Additional Stability

Normally balance and speed are related: the fastest boat is also more unstable…
That was the challenge, having a racing boat that was as fast as the 560 but as stable as the 550.
And that is how the Vanquish was born!
It has some extra volume on the back in the shape of chimes, and that support makes it super stable and incredibly easy to steer (just with soft touches in the direction pedals) giving it very precise control in every single wave.
At the same time, the lift created by the extra volume keeps the wet surface similar to the 560.
The Vanquish is made for all those paddlers looking for extra speed and competitiveness but are not ready for the pure racer 560.

Very similar in stability to 550, but with more performance!

Available in 3 different sizes: ML (<75Kg), L (75-90Kg), and XXL (>95Kg).

The ocean vanquish has 560 cm length and 0.45cm width

Sample image of the same colors on a Nelo 550

Nelo 550 Surfski Review

Sample image of the same colors on a Nelo 550

Maximize Power with Carbon Footplate and Pullbar!

The Nelo carbon footplate upgrade is included with this surfski! This ski is outfitted with the Nelo carbon footplate with a solid carbon pull bar which lets you maximize your power with each stroke. The footplate can be adjusted for angle and also rapidly adjusted for length. The carbon pull bar includes a neoprene sleeve as shown.

Nelo carbon Footplate for surfski

Front View

Your footplate is the most important contact point with your boat

Details of Nelo Carbon footplate


Metal ring for immediate depth adjustment for leg length

Nelo carbon Footplate for surfski

Side View

Nelo Carbon footplate with solid pull bar and neoprene sleeve


Red 3020

White RAL 9016


Arriving March 2023