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Braca-Sport Carbon Paddles and Nelo Racing Kayaks
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Mocke PFD's for Sale in USA
Braca-Sport Carbon Paddles and Nelo Racing Kayaks
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Mocke PFD's for sale in USA
  • At Mocke we prioritize paddler safety, therefore, our Cell Phone Dry Bag was designed with specific features to allow communication no matter the conditions. Always take a cellphone with you when paddling offshore – For communication in case of an emergency or capturing a stunning paddling moment. With our 2-step-seal, no moving parts and a fixed lanyard, keeping your cell phone on your person while paddling has never been easier.
  • The Mocke Flow PFD ZIP (personal floatation device) is a front entry zip performance lifejacket perfect for today’s water enthusiast and athlete. The Flow Zip PFD is a ultra light, low volume superior personal floatation device which has been made for surfski paddling; is absolutely perfect for kayaking; and is the ideal lifejacket for SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding). In fact the Mocke FLOW Zip Pfd is ideal for all performance minded paddlers & water sports enthusiasts.
  • The MOCKE Paddle Leash has been designed to attach your paddle to your craft and ensure that your paddle is not lost in the event of a capsize and swim. When you are not in the surf zone you can also rely on the MOCKE Paddle Leash to prevent losing your craft during capsize. We do strongly advise however that for this purpose you invest in the MOCKE Lifeline Calf Leash as it is designed to keep you connected to your craft in rough conditions.
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